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The Power of Visibility



This October we have a new online masterclass and workshop, The Power of Visibility , by
Karen Eck, a publicist and talent manager. During the past 25 years she has worked with
some of the biggest names and brands in business.

We asked Karen what members can expect to learn in her upcoming course on October 1 &
8 (10am - 12pm) on Zoom. Spaces are limited to 10 to ensure personalised feedback. So
book early!

Q&A with Karen Eck

Who is the masterclass targeted at and what will it cover?

The Power of Visibility is a 4-hour online ( two two-hour sessions a week apart) designed for
experienced mid-career women who want to improve their visibility at work. Many women
report they feel almost invisible when it comes to job hires, promotions and skills recognition.
A big part of the problem may be that they feel uncomfortable ‘putting themselves out there’.

This masterclass helps women step women forward by teaching practical strategies to
confidently improve their visibility. Participants will spend the first part of the workshop
learning to be ‘promotion-ready’ and the second part creating a ‘visibility plan’ with action
steps. It’s highly practical.

The Power of Visibility is presented in partnership with industry and professional
associations. This one has been tailored exclusively for The Property Council of Australia.
We’ll dive deep into understanding and overcoming the barriers in your industry as well as
broader, more common challenges.

The Power of Visibility helps women supercharge their personal and professional brand,
renews their career passions and provides positive steps to achieving the opportunities and
successes they deserve.

It’s a tough time for the industry, with COVID-19 disrupting so many businesses and
events. Do you think people in the industry might have better things to do right now?

Of course, people are struggling with the uncertainty and changes in their lives, and there is
considerable anxiety in the community. However, while many people are working from
home, they might be able to use the time they’d usually spend commuting, on learning new
skills to equip them for the future. We’re all having to change the way we do and think about
many things; this is an opportunity to review our situation, and sharpen our tools for when we
need them most.

What have you learned from some of the people you’ve worked with: Oprah Winfrey,
Donald Trump and Mark Burnett? What gems will you be passing on?

Oprah says one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is time. It’s true in life, both at
home and at work. It’s part of critical self-management. If we are clear about what we are
doing and feel our best mentally and physically, we can better serve people around us. I
think Oprah is the queen of branding and she has at least two people in her corner who back
her and give her confidence: her husband and her BFF.

Regardless of what you think of his politics, Donald Trump has achieved the unthinkable
goal through his dogged determination, hard work and Teflon coating. He knows how to
create a headline and command news space. I may be the only publicist in history who has
accidentally touched his hair - but that’s a whole other story!

Mark Burnett is a genius when it comes to self-promotion. He learned the art of pitching and
selling by flogging T-shirts on Venice Beach in L.A. as a young man. He created and
practised his pitch for the Survivor series over three years. When he finally presented his
idea to CBS, the network heads leaned in, desperate to hear more. He says that in business,
no is not no, but the “next opportunity”. Twenty years later, Survivor is in its 41st season.

What do you want participants to take out of doing the masterclass?

My aim is for each participant to be energised to do more with their personal and
professional brand, to feel supported by a like-minded community. They will leave the
session having learned two or three key things they can action immediately. There will be
opportunities to stay connected and accountable to their plans. I want them to make a start,
not look back and focus on doing things better rather than aiming for perfection.

What’s the cost and where do we sign up?

The Power of Visibility Masterclass is on Thursday October 1 & 8.

Karen Eck is the Founder of publicity agency eckfactor.

She launched The Power of Visibility in 2020 to help women advance their careers.

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