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Are you interested in progressing in the Property Investment & Finance Industry?

Our Property Investment & Finance Industry Diploma will develop your skills and knowledge in property investing and

decision-making so that you can take the next steps in property investment. 


About the INDUSTRY diploma 


There are 3 Steps in achieving the Property Investment & Finance Diploma

Find out more about each step below, review course content and discover course availability!


Step 1: Property Investment & Finance PT 1



Do you want to fully understand property as an asset class, in the context of capital markets? This course overviews the investment characteristics, drivers of performance, valuation considerations and capital sources for the property market.

  • How to assess the characteristics of property compared to other assets

  • The drivers of property performance and the role of risk and return

  • Features of public and private funding

  • The principles of valuation

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STEP 2: Property Investment & finance pt 2



Do you need an in-depth understanding of the factors to consider in establishing and managing a property fund or trust?

  • The issues involved in establishing and managing a property fund

  • Current trends in Australian and international property markets

  • Factors that will influence investment strategies

  • Modelling and valuation of property funds

  • The important role of tax and compliance

  • How to prepare a recommendation to establish a new fund

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STEP 3: Assessment 


To receive your Industry Diploma, participants are required to apply concepts learnt in Parts 1 and 2 to write a paper for the establishment of a property fund.





1. How Long does it take to complete the INDUSTRY diploma?

The courses are 2 and 3 day courses respectively and then you will required to complete the assessment process on documenting the establishment a property fund. 


2. What will I learn in the Property investment & finance diploma?

The industry diploma will progress you through all areas of Property Investment & Finance from essentials to advanced through to practical classroom-based initiatives on understanding the modelling and valuation of property fund and up-to-date knowledge of current trends in Australian and International property markets.

It allows you to explore in greater depth your areas of further interest such as debt funding, risk management and compliance, international property investment and effective tax structuring.


3. can I use any of my existing industry experience to gain credit for modules?

Yes. If you have relevant industry experience you may receive credit towards some areas of your Property Investment & Finance Industry Diploma


4. HOW can the diploma course help progress my career?

Attaining the Property Investment & Finance Industry diploma will provide an in-depth understanding of the Property Investment & Finance across a broad spectrum of areas which will allow you to take on a variety of roles within Property Investment such as Property manager, Banking and finance professionals and Asset manager.


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USe your diploma to take you further

Did you know that your diploma can earn credit towards a Masters degree at the University of Technology (UTS)?
The Property Council Academy has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to offer participants of the Property Investment & Finance (PIF) Industry Diploma a pathway of articulation into the new Master of Real Estate (MREI) degree.
Applicants admitted to the Master of Real Estate Investment degree are eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) in place of one elective


Master of Real Estate Investment from the University of Technology, Sydney 

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